How to activate Filmon Roku

FilmOn is an acclaimed TV channel. It has a huge assortment of movies, TV series in SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) modes. It consists of so many paid channels. The fact that it has 45000 channels is a justification of the large content that it possesses.

Filmon Roku

Filmon Roku

Steps to set up and activate FilmOn Roku

  • Start the Roku com link device
  • Next, tap the Star or * option on your Roku remote to sign in to your existing FilmOn account
  • New users can easily create a new account with FilmOn
  • Further, the channel will launch after the user signs in successfully
  • The user can select his preference out of the 2 options available- either Live or On-Demand
  • Besides, On-Demand will have 18 varied categories
  • Select your preferred streaming option
  • Generally, region-specific channels are also present
  • Visit the URL for account creation.
  • For paid channels, users can pay the basic subscription and extra money for add-on channels
  • Live content is free in some locations in the world
  • Basically, there are 3 plans- Free, Premium and Recording
  •  $14.95/month to $149.99/year is charged for premium channels
  • Beyond, users will be charged extra for recording content on an hourly basis
  • FilmOn also has its exclusive app that works with various platforms
  • FilmOn Roku will be ready to be viewed.

The user can dial up the toll-free number @ +1-844-489-7600.